WAYFINDINGConnecting the right dotsWe help businesses and destinations become more visible and findable by developing branded wayfinding programs that set them apart from their competitors. Axia employs both art and science to assure function is strengthened by well-designed form. We plan, design and implement strategic plans that bring people to places more efficiently and help create a positive experience of discovery. Learn about our wayfinding processVisit our wayfinding gallery 










BRAND IDENTITYTurning heads in your directionA well-crafted message has a powerful impact on those who hear it. To insure it is heard, it needs to be illuminated. That’s where Axia comes in. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. We create pictures that make words worth listening to. Strong visuals amplify targeted messages. We turn heads in your direction so your message is heard loud and clear. Learn about our branding processVisit our branding gallery